Stories to soothe, ruffle, and challenge your unconscious mind—the life stream below our active consciousness that is the progenitor to those thoughts and deeds that shape our world and the quality of our life. 

Every week I’ll post a short story that will serve to illustrate an aspect of the inner life. The stories build upon the Inner Life of Words and my series on the inner life in an indirect way: sketches and half-tones of the multiplicity of character, the overcoming of habitual limitations, discovering of values, and the reframing of experiences from negative to positive. Most of these stories are anecdotes, picked up from here and there, containing the germ of the idea that I have written about. Reading a story will unconsciously set at play within you the those ideas that were once mere banal truisms. They are a vital adjunct to the sequential and interwoven ideas in my books and essays.

This newsletter comes in two flavours: a free Sunday story with a link to the conceptual idea that underpins and demystifies it; a paid newsletter on Wednesday in a similar vein, where I'll add in more context and connect the dots between interwoven ideas. You’ll also join in a discussion with me and other subscribers, where you can ask questions and discover new aspects to old learnings.

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