The undermind is your unconscious mind—the life stream below your active consciousness that is the progenitor to those thoughts and deeds that shape your world and the quality of your life. I have long believed that there are certain fundamental and timeless ideas about the human condition—the Tao de Ching, the teachings of the Buddha—that have been recycled over the centuries and distorted along the way. The psychologist Ernest Becker has rightly said that knowledge is in a state of useless overproduction and that the most important and life-changing ideas have been sidelined by a thousand different competitive voices. Trivial disparities and meagre points of contention are magnified out of proportion while the common and most significant insights are marginalised and overlooked.

We acquire knowledge to better our lives. Truth is unconsciously gleaned over a lifetime because it is mired in sterile and ignorant polemics. Yet, a sensitive undercurrent of feeling for the truth runs through each of us as long as we don’t allow ourselves to be swayed by the emotions of the ego—fear, self-satisfaction, self-pity, and competitiveness.

Every week I’ll post out a note that will serve to illustrate an aspect of the inner life: sketches and half-tones of the multiplicity of character, the overcoming of habitual limitations, discovery of values, and the reframing of experiences. You can read the entire, categorised archive of notes at

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